Stop Unwanted Threatening Harassing Spam Phone Calls

There are more then 100 m mobile users and with decreasing call rates people are getting lot of spam calls from telemarketing companies and from different person , people dont know who to deal with them,so we are adding some way to identify those callers and how to deal with them.

How to Deal with Spammer and Strange Callers

If you are getting regular calls from stranger who is disturbing you threatning you or disturbing you then Block that caller immediately , even if he/she is calling then file a police complaint , tell other people about that caller.Make sure you don't entertain any stranger this will create problem for you. Block them if them if they try to get your personal info. No caller can do anything to you , don't get threaten by any caller .

Avoid Sharing your Personal Information

Don't share your personal information with anyone who claim that he/she is Bank Agent or Insurance Agent or Government Agent or anyone , the most important statutory warning is no bank will ever ask details regarding your credit/debit card. If any representative is asking for such details you have a right to deny such an information ,if you share your personal information then they may use that to hack your bank account . Some operator share your personal details Like Name and Address which is used by hackers/or fraud company to deal with you , So avoid such kind of things ,don't get confused like how they have your name and address details , they use this details to find your bank details atm details cr.card details etc which is further used to hack your bank accounts.

Avoid taking any type of Offer or Discount in Calls

If anyone will call you and offer you discount in something then avoid taking it because they will grab your personal information in the name of discount , so don't share your information under any condition.

How to Deal with Fraud and Cheaters

If any body cheated/fraud you then share that person details with other callers , add full details about that caller so that other caller find that useful. If any shop owner /business person have cheated you then share that details with us because that will again help other callers and he/she will think before they do any type of business with them.

Avoid sharing your Private number in Public

Don't share your personal number in internet like in classified website forums or anywhere , this may also create problem to you , Try to deal with those persons in mail and use any temporary number or business number for any business deals.

Record Unwanted Calls

If you are holding a smart phone then try Recording all unwanted calls or spam calls in your phone as an evidence , this will help you while filing FIR .

Block Unknow Number Who is Giving Missed Calls

Don't respond to missed caller , if you are getting lot of missed calls from any unknow number then block that number , and don't forget to report that number in our system

How to Handle False Complaint in Bestcaller

If anyone have filed false complaint against you in bestcaller then reply that complaint with details also try to get maximum safe reports from your family and friends.This will not impact other callers when they see your number at our system. If you are geting lot of telemarketing calls from different companies then Get on the Do Not Call Registry. We have shared all this information based on user complaints and we will keep on adding new type of fraud techniques used by callers to cheat /fraud people .